A Conversation with Jesse Kramer

Look out Cape Town because there is a new Kramer about to grab your attention. For years the Kramer family has contributed to the arts and cultural landscape of South African Theatre and now it’s Jesse’s turn. Jesse has fast become one of Cape Town’s go to photographers for theatre. Her extraordinary work attempts, and succeeds, to do the impossible and capture those magical theatrical moments that are the reason that we as humans flock to the theatre.

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A Conversation with Ilené Bothma

Sarafina Magazine was created with the intention of celebrating all South African women in the arts. For the last few weeks all of our interviews have been with theatre makers. Today we introduce you to Ilené Bothma, a Fine artist whose exhibit, Veiled Threats, caught my eye while visiting 99 Loop Street gallery during First Thursdays. Continue reading

Welcome to Sarafina Magazine

Welcome to Sarafina Magazine: an online publication celebrating South African women in the arts.

I was inspired to start this blog after stumbling upon The Interval, a New York based publication that celebrates women in the theater community. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. It is a country that is rich in culture and full of stories. I created this blog to give an online voice to the women who help bring these stories to life and who help to shape our incredible artistic landscape. Continue reading